Summer School
About Summer School Programme
just a brief overview

Summer School Programmes usually run for 2 to 8 weeks and offer wide varieties of courses. Summer schools offer much more than just academic courses as the students are encouraged to engage themselves in indoor and outdoor recreational activities offered by the school.

Summer schools offer a lot of benefits to the students for instance it helps them to pursue their interests during the holiday period from the regular schools. Students who enrol at summer schools can keep themselves occupied and master new skills or if they need extra assistance in any subject, summer school will help them catch up and prevent the students from falling behind.

The biggest advantage of the summer school is that it offers classes and activities which are usually not available in the regular schools and equip the students with skills that will be helpful for them in future. These activities and classes are mostly organised as fun activities so the students don’t lose interest while learning.

Programmer and Activities
  • Practical work with arts and crafts; get fit with a variety of on-site sports.
  • Practice your English skills in evening conversation clubs and social activities.
  • Combine world class football training and English tuition for two to six weeks of fun & learning and our partner institutes Study Programmes.
  • Enjoy our specially designed Politics and Royalty walking tour and visit the beautiful and intriguing Tower of London.
  • Chill out with friends in the evening with Film Nights, Conversation Club and discos. Students also have the chance to take part in the UK schools challenge.
  • Delve into history with a Politics & Royalty Walking Tour and take a boat trip on our River Cruise.
  • Enjoy the sun and let off steam doing sports in beautiful Greenwich Park and discover London by night with an evening outing.
  • Discover Oxford’s magnificent history and take a relaxing punt on the River Cherwell.
  • Get creative with photography skills classes and arts and crafts in the evening.
  • Enjoy the impressive new sports centre which includes a full size sports hall marked for numerous sports.
  • Hours of enjoyment with our arts and crafts team, as well as treasure hunts and conversation club and a boat disco on the River Thames.
  • Facilities include swimming pool, squash courts and a sport hall with other activities such as karaoke, treasure hunts, sports, discos and arts and crafts.
  • York photography challenge, outdoor tennis, conversation clubs and discos in the evening.
  • 20 lessons tuition per week in multinational classes
  • Full board twin room host family accommodation
  • Transfers on arrival and departure from the airport
  • Level placement tests – free book rental
  • Free internet and wifi access
  • Free access to the self-study self-access facilities
  • Free access to online guided eLearning Programme
  • 1 half day tour each week
  • Afternoon programme of free activities and sports
  • 1 full day tour each week
  • Student reports
  • Certificate of attendances
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